Art is soul's joy, and emotions it wakes up in humans, makes us better.

I create in oil, soft pastel and painted stained glass. In 2010 I started to paint Celtic motives on

stones. From 2013 - 2016 I designed greeting cards. I have started my new probject Drawing Zone in 2015 -

it is the high quality commercial art.


For me the most important element in painting is the colours and their variety. Symbols and abstract

shapes in my pictures represent strong human emotions such as love, passion, anger and loneliness.

I also like to paint portraits as the human face is full of different expressions and its own mystery and


Sometimes I like to paint a still life or a landscape to show the magnificence of the nature.

The title of each painting is strictly connected to the theme.


Motherhood- an oil painting Blue- a soft pastel Part from a painted stained glass

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