My Art Impression





I was brought up and started my art career in Krakow, Poland.

From 2009 I live in Perth, Scotland.

I graduated at the Academy of Fine Arts in Gdansk, Poland.

My diploma " Modern Still Life" was tutored by Prof. Andrzej Dyakowski.

1982-1984 I was a member of "Malarze i Poeci"- Art Association in Krakow, Poland.

From 2005 I am a member of Gdanskie Towarzystwo Przyjaciol Sztuki -

Art Association in Gdansk, Poland. The same year I started to take part in charity auctions.

2006-2008 I organized workshops for children in "OPP" Youth Club and for adults in

"SCK" Culture Centre in Starogard Gd, Poland.

In the same time I was taking part as an art-therapist in the summer camp for Charity Society

"Mozna Inaczej" in Goreczyno, Poland.

In 2006 I prepared illustrations to Malgorzata Aszyk's book

"Easy and Quick Learning Multiplication Table".

Since 2009 I am an Honour Member of the Charity Society "Ogrod Nadzieii"

in Warszawa, Poland.

I am a member of Perth Art Association since 2013.

2014- I have started my project DRAWING ZONE - pictures for children.

Group and Solo Exhibitions:



"A" Gallery, Starogard Gd. Poland - I was an honour member in the

Competition and the Exhibition "Illustrations for Kociewskie Tales"



The 20th Anniversary of "A" Gallery, Starogard Gd. Poland


The Town Hall Gallery, Starogard Gd. Poland



"Mestwin" Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Gdansk Poland

"Dom Sztuki" Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Gdansk Poland



"Artists from Starogard to John Paul II" - "A" Gallery Starogard Gd. Poland

"BWA" Gallery, Walbrzych Poland

"Punkt" GTPS Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Gdansk Poland

"Wygoda" Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Starogard Gd. Poland

"Jazz Fun Club", Solo Exhibition, Starogard Gd. Poland



"DWA plus DWA" the Exhibition in Joanici Castle near Gdansk Poland

"Polish Artists for Children" the Exhibition and Charity Auction, New York USA

"TCK" Gallery, Solo Exhibition, Tczew Poland



Culture Centre Gallery, Wejherowo Poland

"School Gallery"- the Charity Auction, Gdynia Poland

Business Centre Club, Warszawa Poland - the Exhibition and Charity Auction



"Krolikarnia" Gallery, Warszawa Poland - the Exhibition and Charity Auction



National Museum Gallery, Warszawa Poland - the Exhibition and Charity Auction



My paintings were printed in "International Dictionary of Artists 2010"

(by World Wide Art Books USA)

I took part in the Exhibition in Czech Republic together with some Scottish and English Artists

"Six Foot" Gallery, Glasgow UK- “The Winter Exhibition”



My paintings were printed in the book "Important World Artists"

(by World Wide Art Books INC)

Forbes Salon's Exhibition, Edinburgh UK

Perth Festival Exhibition, Perth UK

The Annual Exhibition of Perth Art Association, Perth Museum & Gallery, UK



Perth Festival Exhibition, Perth UK

The Exhibition of PAA, Perth Museum & Gallery, UK

December- I have started a new project DRAWING ZONE



Art Festival, Perth UK

PAA - The Annual Exhibition, Perth Museum & Gallery, UK



Art Festival Perth UK

The Exhibition in Grodzisko, Starogard Gdanski, Poland

Perth Museum and Gallery- The Annual Exhibition




Painting is a part of me - my soul simply forces me to paint.

It is like a journey to my own magic and perfect world.

Painting is also a way of running away from pain and sorrow

which exist in the real word.

When I paint nothing else exists: just me and the world of

shapes, colours and mystery.

My work gives me happiness and positive energy and

also brings sense to my life.

I put my energy and my feelings to my painting as these are

the elements I like to share with others.

Through my pictures I want to show people different world and

stimulate their imagination.

I also hope to open their eyes to the beauty of colours and

variety of subjects an artist can find fascinating.

Therefore I am really happy when somebody looking at

my works is moved.....

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